A Trip To Elephanta: UNESCO World Heritage Site (Heritage Walk)

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a visit to the most interesting Elephanta Island, located 10 kms from mainland Mumbai. The island harbours the world-famous Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves have sculptures of Lord Shiva cut from solid rock. What many people don't know is that the island is home to three villages at its base with a rich cultural past. Archaeological evidence suggest human settlement as old as 2nd century BC!

The Portuguese invaders named the island 'Elephanta' because of a large stone elephant they found at the base of the island. Locally and historically known as Gharapuri or 'city of caves', Elephanta is a treasure of centuries-old ancient archaeological remains, most of which were destroyed by the Portuguese who damaged or destroyed most of the Hindu gods carved structure by using them for target practice. The main highlight of the caves being the seven-metre-high statue of Lord Shiva 'Sadashiva' dominating the space. Most caves house statues of Hindu gods. The labyrinth of rock-cut cave temples with the carvings are some of the finest and most impressive in the country.

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